Faith and Works

James 2 stresses the importance of living out one's faith, since a faith not matched by action is not real faith at all.

Oct 18, 2017

James 2 - challenging. What kind of faith do we have? The living faith, the useful faith, that James asks for is a faith that 'possesses' us rather than a faith we simply 'profess'. Possession not pro
Ian Kent
Oct 17, 2017

James says that faith an action go hand in hand, with our deeds being the evidence of our faith. What kind of deeds would suggest to you that a person had a real, living, faith?
Ian Kent
Oct 17, 2017

James has a lot to say about prejudice and judging others based on things like appearance or economic status. Where do you see prejudice today, either in the church or in the wider world?

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