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Find out the background to the Letter of James .....

Week 1 - Lectio Divina

One ancient way of 'looking intently' into the Scriptures is known as lectio divina, an approach developed within monastic spirituality but which has been adopted by Christians from a range of traditions.  Lectio divina, or 'spiritual reading', involves slowly and meditatively reading a passage of Scripture.  One way of summarising its process is to divide lectio divina into its different stages of 'reading', 'responding', 'reflecting' and 'resting'.

Week 2 - The Swedish Method

One form of 'inductive' Bible study is know as the 'Swedish Method'.  This simple and accessible approach encourages readers to add symbols to the text that highlight observations, questions and applications.

Week 3 - Inductive Bible Study

This week offers a different kind of inductive Bible study approach through using the '5W' questions (where, who, what, why, when).  Adopting the 5W questions can be a useful way of staying with a passage and digging into it a little deeper.  The questions - or variations of them - can be used with any biblical text.

Week 4 - Reflecting on Scripture Through Art

One way to encourage a group to encounter James is through bringing the letter into conversation with a work of art.

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Background Information

Find out more about the background to the Letter of James.

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