• Rev Ian Kent

Day 8 - Passionate Worship

This week we are thinking about Passionate Worship. Robert Schnase describes passionate worship as ‘an extraordinary eagerness to offer the best in worship, honouring God with excellence… It is not performance; it is devotion and celebration expressing our love to God.’

Worship isn’t about style, but about substance. What matters is not HOW we worship, but WHY and WHO we worship.

Passionate worship should engage us, inspire us, challenge us, and hopefully transform us, but it isn’t about us. It’s about God. It’s about an encounter with God, in which we put God first and surrender ourselves to Him.

In and through that kind of worship we see God at work, both in the lives of individual Christians and in the lives of our churches. In worship God reaches out to us and speaks to us.

What has been your experience of passionate worship? What helped to make it passionate and positive?

Robert Schnase offers us this prayer and challenge:

Holy Father, help me to look beyond myself and see the world through your eyes.

May I continually be changed through my worship of you.


Think about all the places where you have worshipped – buildings, chapels, outdoors, weddings, funerals, retreats and so on. What do you think is God’s intention for calling us to worship?

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