• Rev Ian Kent

Day 12 - Passionate Worship

“It’s just noise! You can’t even hear the words! Here, let me show you what proper music sounds like.” I remember my dad using this phrase, or something similar, when I attempted to play him some of the rock music I had started to listen to as a teenager. And now that I have my own children, I have used that phrase myself when they ask me to change the radio station in the car to the kind of music they like.

For many of us, music plays a very important part in our worship life, both in private and when we come together for church services, and just as with other kinds of music, we all have our own preferences.

Sometimes, these preferences become something more than just preferences. If we are not careful, they can become idols, or they can become barriers which prevent others from worshipping.

The worship song ‘When the music fades’ was written out of this kind of experience. The congregation had begun to worship the band. To move things forward, they got rid of the band for a while and just read the Bible and prayed until they recovered the ‘heart of worship’.

Are we so committed to our preferred styles of worship (whether it is organs, guitars, modern or traditional) that we wouldn’t make a change in order to help other people encounter God?

Schnase offers us this prayer and challenge:

Help us in our congregation to ‘sing a new song to the Lord’,

to be created and re-created again and again by your Holy Spirit.

Challenge: Pray for the young people of your congregation, and for some of the older members, for the first-time visitors and the long-time members, for learning from and teaching each other, and for the grace of shared worship.

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