• Rev Ian Kent

Day 16 - Intentional Faith Development

As a teacher, one of the things I enjoyed most was what I called the ‘light bulb moments’ when a child discovered or understood something for the first time. Their face would light up as the penny dropped and often that excitement would be the start of a love of learning and a passion for that particular subject or topic.

As a minister, I get even more pleasure from the light bulb moments when Christians discover new things about God, deepen their understanding of the Bible, or make connections between their faith and their day to day lives.

Occasionally these light bulb moments are the result of things I say in a sermon, but much more often they arise out of discussions and conversations, or people thinking back over recent life experiences and recognising where God has been at work.

In my own faith journey there have been many light bulb moments which have changed the way I live out my faith. One example would be in the area of prayer. For years I had struggled along with a model of prayer learned in childhood – sitting down, head bowed, hands together, eyes closed. Then one day I got involved with a movement called 24/7 prayer and discovered that I pray much better if I can walk around, praying aloud, with music on. Suddenly I found that the words came much more easily, my praying had an extra energy, and I had a greater awareness of the presence of God.

If you think back over your own journey of faith, what learning experiences have you had which have changed your life in a significant way? How did it happen? Have you shared that experience with others?

Today Robert Schnase offers us this prayer and challenge:

As I read and study your Word, Lord,

may I hear you speak to me.

Make me eager to learn your wisdom and your will for my life.

Challenge: Somebody once said “Everyone wants to read the Bible, but most do not.” Think about the settings that have been most helpful for you in learning the Bible – personal study, small group/ class meetings, church services.

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