• Rev Ian Kent

Day 21 - Intentional Faith Development

On day 21 Robert Shnase tells a story of a large church who had tried several times to start a meeting for teaching and fellowship among some of the young adults in the church. Up to this point it hadn’t really worked very well, and they were not sure what to do differently, but were committed to giving things another try.

As they prepared for the latest attempt a couple within the church, who were both in their mid-fifties, volunteered to lead the new group. On the face of it they seemed unlikely candidates, but they were sure that this was what God was asking them to do and were prepared to commit time and energy to make it successful, so the pastor approved their leadership and set them to work.

The couple consulted with young people, did some online research and visited similar groups in other churches. The class launched successfully, continued to grow and develop, and is still serving the needs of young adults in that church today.

Through this the church learned to keep trying and not to give up. Just because things have been tried before, doesn’t mean they can never be attempted again, and sometimes it is just a matter of finding the time, place, leaders, or format.

Have you ever considered leading a class or small group? What is stopping you?

Today Robert Schnase offers us this prayer and challenge:

Help me O God to offer my gifts and talents to your service

in such a way that our congregation may be a place where

people of all ages grow in grace and the knowledge and love of your word.

Challenge: Help your church start a new small group or Bible study, even if you are not a participant. Offer you prayers, resources, talents, or ideas.

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