• Rev Ian Kent

Day 27 - Risk-taking Mission and Service

In the reflection for Day 27 Robert Schnase shares a story about a group of 4 women who decided to become literacy tutors to help women and children in a deprived area to improve their basic English skills. Week by week they spent time teaching, but also listening, talking, laughing and crying with the women and children they met. They built relationships alongside their work of building language skills, and connected with people they might otherwise never have met. They worked together as a team, supporting one another and gradually drawing in others from their congregation. They transformed the lives of the people they met, but discovered that God transformed them and their church in the process.

Risk-taking mission and service like this takes us out of our comfort zones and encounters with people very different from us, particularly the poor and disadvantaged, often shine a light back on our own culture. We view ourselves and our situation differently, particularly with regard to the extravagance, consumerism, materialism and waste which are such a part of our society.

The four women in today’s reflection shared a common concern and took a risk to do something about it. Are there people in your church with whom you share a common concern? What keeps yu from taking action and stepping out in faith?

Today, Schnase’s challenge is simply but direct – he simply tells us “Just do it. For Christ’s sake!”

He also offers us this prayer:

Teacher, help me along the path of practising Christ-centred service. Remind me that though it is risky, it is ultimately rewarding.

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