• Rev Ian Kent

Day 33 - Extravagant Generosity

Do you ever think about how much you and your church have benefited from the extravagant generosity of others? The churches we worship in, the pews where we sit, the organs on which our hymns are played, the kitchen where the tea and coffee are made… All these things and more are the result of other people’s extravagant generosity.

We are all the beneficiaries of gifts from those who have gone before us and given graciously to enable the mission of our churches and help us to encounter the love of Christ.

Schnase encourages us to be people who respond to the grace and generosity shown to us by giving generously to others in order that the church can continue to fulfil its mission. He points out that Extravagant Generosity is an essential quality of spiritual maturity and growth.

Reflect for a moment on your own experience. Have you been the recipient of extravagant generosity, either from another person or from a church? What about from God?

Today Schnase offers us this prayer and challenge:

By the generosity of your heart, O God, all that we have comes to us by grace freely given.

Help us to give abundant evidence of your love as we give generously of ourselves.

Challenge: Grow one step in your own personal giving. Develop a personal plan to grow in giving to God’s purposes, of increasing the proportion of your giving.

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