• Rev Ian Kent

Day 17 - Intentional Faith Development

Day by day, oh, dear Lord, three things I pray To see thee more clearly Love thee more dearly Follow thee more nearly,

day by day

The above words come from the song ‘Day by Day’ in the musical Godspell. They express what is at the heart of Intentional Faith Development – to have a greater awareness of God, to deepen our love of God, and to become better followers of God.

Developing our faith in this way does not come easily and does not happen automatically, but requires us to develop the kind of habits and activities which make it possible. These include praying, reading the Bible, receiving communion, and demonstrating justice and mercy.

The habits and activities which help us to grow in faith are best learned and practised in community, and over the years different denominations have all discovered the power of small groups when it comes to growing the church, both numerically and spiritually.

Small groups are not just places to study the Bible, but places where we can find support, encouragement and challenge from others, and where we can open ourselves up to being shaped by God.In these groups we can be both teacher and learner as we grow in faith together.

In your own faith development who are you currently learning from? Who are you teaching?

Robert Schnase offers us this prayer and challenge for today:

By your grace, O God, let every step I take

bring me one step closer to you.

Challenge: Thank a teacher of the faith in your congregation (for example, a small group leader, junior church leader, pastor, etc.)

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