West Pelton Methodist Church



To celebrate the centenary the end of World War 1, we organised a joint venture with St Paul's Church. The cross in the photograph was made with hand made poppies and it was the centrepiece of a display that was on show at our bazaar on November 10th.


After that, it moved to St Paul's for the annual remembrance day service after which it went on show to the public.


Its final destination is West Pelton Primary School where it will be on display for a further week.


Our local arrangement service on October 28th celebrated 'Peace' and the main purpose of the display is not to glorify war but to emphasise that peace begins with us.

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Worship & Fellowship at Home


Each quarter, as part of our fellowship, we visit housebound members to include them in our worship. Home services have become very popular and enable our older members to keep in touch and to remain part of our fellowship.


We visit two or three of our members on a rota basis and hold a short service led by our own members. Hymn singing, prayers and a short talk is the usual format and we encourage those we visit to choose their favourite hymns. Worship is appreciated but company and a good natter is also a vital part of fellowship. It keeps us in touch and helps our friends not to feel forgotten.


The attached photograph shows part of our group at home in Beamish.

Open The Book

We are working with Grace, the youth worker at St Paul's Church in the village, to take 'Open the Book' into West Pelton Primary School. This is part of our increasing links with the school following on from Tom Baker's involvement over many years in school assemblies on Wednesdays. In addition, the school is now using St Paul's and our church for Harvest, Christmas and 'Leavers' services, where it is so encouraging to see the churches full of children and their families.


Grace's vision is for 'Open the Book' to reach all the primary schools in the parish with the aid of local church members. St Paul's visit Roseberry Primary already and we are the next phase of the project.


We have already had our first session.

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